Aivaras, “Sage & Fool,” 2010

Aivaras, Sage & Fool, Kaunas: Kranto studijos, 2010 (CD-DA + DVD-A)

Muzika, eilės ir aranžuotės: Aivaras.

Balsas, klavišiniai ir programavimas: Aivaras. Gitaros: Andrius Gružauskas (1), Andrius Grabauskas (2), Aras Žvirblys (6, 9, 10). Trimitas, fliugelhornas: Vytautas Ramančiūnas (7).

Įrašymas, suvedimas ir apipavidalinimas: Aivaras „Garsų menėje“, UAB „Kranto studijos“ prekių ženklas.

Viršelių dailė: Stasys Mostauskis.

Viršelių maketas: Skaistė Ašmenavičiūtė, Laura Barisienė.

© 2010 Aivaras, ℗ 2010 UAB „Kranto studijos“.



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1. Hey, Boy

Hey, boy, those hard times you’ve been through
They’re never wasted if you chase the blues
Away and then embrace tomorrow

Sure is, you may fool yourself again
By painting pretty pictures in your brain
You sense so much but not a thing
Hey, boy, listen!

Time is running, and love’s not coming
Waiting, waiting…
Half-empty glasses, irrational flashes
Waiting, waiting…

But all you’ve got to do
Is step outside your box or two
See that window
Let the wind blow inside
You’ve got to search before you find

Hey, boy, your longing is too deep
You’re walking on the rope while you’re asleep
A game of chance, o play of whim

So frame your question, please, define
That fiction of your soul that keeps you blind
To the necessity of crime

Walking on the ocean floor and playing with those creatures
That one I find delightful, this one I abhor
A shallow pool, yes, I know, I’ve been fooling
Myself before I hit those solid rocky shores

I have been living life in vain
I have got to be dead or born again
I just don’t understand who the hell I am

Banish the memories I have!
Those hard times when I cry and then I laugh
I just don’t understand who the hell I am

Staring at the moonlight, soaking all the hazy stardust
A breathless rupture when I fade away like this
And all those tremors that run through my body
A joy of leaving all behind except for this

Come home, painful, I know
Full of doubt and misgiving
Come on, come on, come on, come on

Shake, baby, shake all what’s fake
You have got your mind to make
You have got your bonds to break
Shake, shake

That feeling I resist
That yearning I cannot escape from
A prison for my soul
A trap for every move I’m making

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

So pointless to go on
So meaningless to build a future
A groping time to come
A sense of inner dissolution

Love is killing me, oh brother
Love is taking me apart
Burning me within, oh sister
Tempting me within so hard

No one to tell I’m wrong
No arms to catch me as I’m falling
You question – I am numb
It’s in my eyes you see I’m calling

I want to vanish
Like Autumn’s rain
To fall unhampered
Kiss the ground
So unashamed
To roll across the scattered leaves
The skies unwashed and bleak
Forget and sleep

The nights get longer
No stars, no moon
The city lights
Make shadings glide across the room
I’ve hid myself beneath the trees
So naked and so meek
Forget and sleep

A promise broken
No traces left
I’m pleading guilty
To the charge of selfish death
I’m quiet and aroused at once
Yet not a single ounce
Of shame at all

And then I pondered
I racked my brain
How come this world so intricate
Looks like a cave
Too many broken hearts around
Too many voices shout
Time for a change

A cry from heaven
Unsettling growl
A time of shivering
And trembling in the now
A sense of lost and found again

You may wonder if the stars
You may wonder if the moon
Made you just the way you are
Like a sage and like a fool

(Hush me, hush me, no one can hush me)
(Crush me, crush me, no one can crush me)

Say a word, yes, draw me an image
So I can read what’s on your mind
Climb the mountains, swim ‘cross the river
Till I can reach the shore inside

I am knocking
You are blocking
I am locking you from outside

You have got a chance for another one
Falling down and rising up
I’ve been watching you going round and round
Nothing seems to make you stop

The stars – you may wonder
The moon – you may wonder
A sage – you may wonder
A fool – you may wonder

I just want you to be happy with me, babe
But it’s no easy thing
When I don’t know what you think

If that’s not love
What I’ve done for you then
How can I make my way through
To the bright side of you, how

I’ve seen your tricks
A thousand times before, babe
I guess this life is too short,
You can’t simply ignore
All that we’ve built,
All the dreams we’ve made real, babe

I won’t let you steal from me,
I won’t give them all up
Run the way you’ve run before
Can’t escape me anymore
I’m gonna get you baby,
I’m gonna get you baby

Hide your feelings if you want
Deep inside you can’t pretend
I’m gonna get you baby,
I’m gonna get you baby

I am willing to embrace
Lonely nights and crowded days
All that noise and solitude fill up my space

Just as long as you are there
I feel comfort and your care
Walking barefoot on the snow, still far to go

I’m willing to embrace
Those lonely nights and days
As long as you are there
Feel comfort and your care

Shredded pictures of the past
Some will vanish, some will last
How come words I’ve spoken once
Can’t be undone

Things have changed but you’re the same
I have missed the point of the game
Never mind the crooked path,
I’m walking fast

You always stayed the same
I think I lost the game
Those pictures of the past
Will vanish, some will last

I can never touch the sky
Insignificant and shy
All those places I’ve deserted on the run…

I can whisper, I can shout
But there’s nobody around
Till you speak to me at night that lovely sound

Yes, a long way to go

In the forgotten days
Beyond the murky shadows of oblivion
(I) was looking for a place
To hide my unrelenting pain and sorrow

A ray of sun cut through
The dome of my asylum, so violent
It was burned to ashes
The urge to run away was gone

Wake up, my love,
it’s not the end of story
Wake up, my heart,
And sing memento mori

Somebody in search
Somebody to fall

Feeling cold, feeling blue
That’s all I have, that’s all I do
Stained glass windows crashing
On my iron face
Something I’ve been given
In a cruel race
Battles with no winners
I have fought inside myself.

Go astray, drift away!
The place I seek has got no name
I am just a guest here
Somebody in search
For the love supreme and
For the sacred touch
Speechless at the moment
Ready to step down and fall

I have left behind my childhood fears
Lonely with a suitcase in my hands
Waiting for the shores to leave no trace
In the cloudy past I’ve just erased

America, you have known my joy and sorrow
America, you have seen my shame and glory
America, I have traveled miles and miles
To see your face, in sleep I stayed awake

I was heading for a promise land
Driven by some inmost hidden plan
I was staring at the ocean’s face without a name
Having lost all sense of time and place

You have known my joy…
You have seen my shame…
Miles and miles away…
Just to see your face
In sleep I stayed awake